Special experience, every time

Distinctive venues
with a soul

Same Splendour
Same Fun
Same Perfection
Same Splendour,
recreated everytime

At the most prestigious and inspirational locations, all Nusr-Et venues reflect the same perfection and splendour in different concepts.
Embracing the authentic culture and unique identity of the location, every venue reflects a distinctive soul, thus establishes its own reputation.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Etiler</i>
    Nusr-Et Etiler

    There are certain neighborhoods in which you can feel the rhythm and pulse of each city; streets with a heart and soul, reflecting the diverse culture of urban life. You never get a true feel for the city unless you visit them… Reflecting the connection between Istanbul’s past and future and the boundless dreams she has to offer, Etiler, frequented by the most elite names in town, is one of these neighborhoods. It is; therefore, no coincidence that the Nusr-Et brand, dazzling guests with the quality of its service, food, and renewed decoration, is born out of this neighborhood.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Maçka Palas</i>
    Nusr-Et Maçka Palas

    Nişantaşı is, without doubt, one of the coolest, chicest, classiest neighborhoods of Istanbul. Located at the heart of Nişantaşı, the hundred-year-old Maçka Palas has been the subject of countless books, serving as a home to writers and intellectuals alike and epitomizing the splendor of the city with its iconic architecture. It is also home to one of the most unique and special Nusr-Et branches. Drawing in guests from all corners of the world, the unparalleled grandeur of Maçka Palas takes on a new dimension with the presence of Nusr-Et’s excellence of taste and service, adding a fresh and well-deserved page to the resplendent building’s much celebrated history.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Sandal Bedesteni</i>
    Nusr-Et Sandal Bedesteni

    Commissioned by Sultan Mehmed II, the Conqueror inside the historic and oldest shopping center Grand Bazaar in 1461, and literally meaning “covered bazaar, where the unique blend of silk and cotton “Sandal” fabric is sold, the mystical and majestic atmosphere of Sandal Bedesteni is complemented by the presence of Nusr-Et. At Sandal Bedesteni, Nusr-Et offers guests a range of culinary pleasures akin to the touch of silky sandal fabric brushing against the skin. A perfect addition to the magical aura of this iconic location of 20 domes, Nusr-Et amalgamates its creative dishes and their unique presentation with the fine workmanship and artistry of Istanbul culture felt at every corner of the Bedesten.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Yalıkavak Marina</i>
    Nusr-Et Yalıkavak Marina

    The wild nature of Bodrum, coupled with the cool and salty waters of the Aegean and the refreshing, constant winds of Yalıkavak… You can feel all that and more at Nusr-Et amidst the calming sound of waves and the invigorating smell of sea and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience that completes this atmosphere. Some of the most alluring yachts of the world at Yalıkavak add charm to this fabulous setting.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Dubai</i>
    Nusr-Et Dubai

    Dubai… From trade to tourism, it is one of the most riveting centers of the world. As a highly cosmopolitan city, Dubai brings together a broad range of select people of different nationalities, cultures, and faiths. The one thing Dubaians have in common is good food, or the be more precise, excellent food. Nusr-Et has, once again, shown all exactly where to find it, expecting for its guests with its renewed decoration.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Dallas</i>
    Nusr-Et Dallas

    Nusr-Et holds many features that make it a global brand: perfectionism, passion, meticulousness, creativity, and more… One of its most important characteristics of Nusr-Et is embracing challenge. This is exactly what makes Nusr-Et a favorite spot in Dallas, where a wide array of meats and cuts are available. Nusr-Et combines fine meat with ingenuity in Dallas to present surprises to lovers of meat.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Miami</i>
    Nusr-Et Miami

    Nusr-Et is in perfect harmony with the vivid and colorful atmosphere of Miami. Similar to the way long beaches of the city embrace the cool waves of the ocean, locals and visitors of Miami, also dubbed as the “New New York,” enjoy the flavors and attentive service they deserve at Nusr-Et and bask themselves in the experienced hands of Nusr-Et as they would in the waters of the Atlantic.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Beverly Hills</i>
    Nusr-Et Beverly Hills

    Los Angeles is perhaps one of the most intriguing cities of the U.S. Globally acclaimed celebrities, magnificent mansions, Hollywood… It is all there. As the most luxurious and prestigious part of town, Beverly Hills is home to some of the most expensive boutiques and restaurants in the world. With its innovative and savory dishes and shows, Nusr-Et assumes its well-deserved place at iconic Golden Triangle, one of the most beautiful spots of Beverly Hills.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Mykonos</i>
    Nusr-Et Mykonos

    Mykonos is the ultimate spot for unlimited entertainment. The endless rhythm, blue seas, mesmerizing sunsets, and golden beaches of the island make Mykonos one of the timeless jewels of the Aegean. Nusr-Et completes an important missing piece of this perfect puzzle: the ultimate meat restaurant. Distinguished guests from across the world come together at Nusr-Et to enjoy delectable dishes in the company of an unforgettable sunset.

  • Nusr-Et <i>Boston</i>
    Nusr-Et Boston

    A city of great importance in the history of the United States, the 400-year-old Boston is traditionally home to seafood restaurants. Nowadays, Boston is learning the true taste of meat through Nusr-Et. The highly educated and digitally experienced residents and visitors of the city encounter a fresh taste and spirit of Nusr-Et that represents Mediterranean culture.