Enjoy the feast with confidence

Your health
is our top priority

Excellence in Cleanliness and well-being of our guests is at the heart of our existence.

Since the very first day of our establishment, we have been applying advanced technology hygiene practices in every step that complements our unmatched taste.

Manifestation of our Hygiene Philosophy

From product supply to logistics; cold storage to restaurant cleanliness, we strictly follow top-notch hygiene standards. In our restaurants or at the comfort of your home, just think about what to choose from our menu, because we have already thought about everything else for you.

Commitment to our Guests’
well-being by setting high standards, above and beyond legal requirements.
in every step
  • Supplier inspection

    We maintain our highest quality and hygiene standards are regularly controlling our suppliers and ensure hygiene excellence with unannounced inspections.

  • Employee health and hygiene

    All employees who deliver Nusr-Et experience are health checked every day and equipped with hygienic disposable equipments.

  • Employee and supplier training

    We increase collective hygiene consciousness with frequent and enhanced trainings.

  • Food and beverage

    We clean and sanitize our ingredients with advanced technology health-compliant cleaning systems and ensure the highest quality with regular tests.

  • Seating and Cutlery

    We rearrange our seating plan according to social distancing guidelines. Baby chairs are sterilized every single use, disposable cutlery alternatives are provided upon request.

  • Restaurant hygiene executions

    Our restaurants are disinfected regularly with Nano Silver Ion Technology. Touch-free hand sanitizers are placed at the entrance. All door-handles and high contact areas are sanitized all day by our Hygiene Expert Team.